October Newsletter

October 21-23 Camp Out News

Our monthly camp out was held in Gladewater, Texas at the Antique Capital RV Park. We had 11 rigs attending on Monday. We were so thrilled to see this many show up, been cutting it a little close as far as the required 10 rigs to be allowed to use the community building. We did share some of our morning time with the park residents as the staff of the park provided donuts & brought in Halloween décor for everyone before our morning service.

We really missed; H. L. & Mary Langston, they are working during the holiday season and couldn’t attend; Jerry & Brenda Scott, they were traveling; James & Margaret Taylor, their daughter is having to have physical therapy; Tom & Nell Bills, she is still weak from her recent surgery; James & Sandra Ledford, James was not feeling well and Herb & Joann Richardson came & spent the day on Tuesday with us for games and lunch. Herb was to have out-patient surgery on Thursday and as of this writing he was able to go home later that day and is doing good! Prayers for all our members, traveling, ill, working and enjoying our fellowship at the camp outs!

We had 3 visitors join our Tuesday “pot luck meal”! Thank you Judy Coombs, for being a good camper & inviting your “park neighbor”, John Alquest from Kansas. He was alone and traveling from Galveston back to his home in Kansas. Derrell & Wilma Clark continue to invite prospective members to our chapter, Jim & Kate Welchly, friends from their Church, were also a nice addition to our lunch and they seemed to enjoy the video of our “clown skit” from the Mini Rally. Of course Willie & I had a little issue with the audio portion, but he did finally get it through my thick head what to do so everyone could hear!

We had 2 tables of “Hand & Foot”, a table of “42”, a table of “80” and occasionally a table of “Skip-Bo”! Willie enjoyed the “Turtle Races” and “Sandbag Baseball” so much at the Mini Rally, he got busy and made some for us to play at the camp outs. Had one lively game of each.

We checked Good Sam #’s and yearly dues were paid. We neglected to REMIND everyone to bring Christmas cards and canned food to our next camp out in Grand Saline at Bedrock as it is the last one before Christmas.

Susie Chiles

What did the duck say when she bought lipstick? “Put it on the bill!”