October 2021 Newsletter

October 2021
October 25-27, 2021 Camp Out Newsletter
Our monthly camp out for October was held in Stay A While RV Park in Murchison, Texas. Was we excited to
have 8 member rigs present!! We had a little bit of a surprise upon checking in, their nightly rates had increased
from $35 to $40.50! The last day of our camp out, Jammie, the manager let us know the next time we book, after
we pay for two nights we can stay the third night free since we were not informed of their rate increase!! Angela
Starr told her that our group had voted to not pay over $35 per night & she stated she would take that
information under consideration.
Melba Stevens, Shirley Hamilton’s sister was our visitor and we welcomed her back. As she had visited our
chapter before, we were very happy to see her again. We are looking forward to several visitors at our November
camp out as several couples have stated they will be able to attend and we look forward to seeing our newest
members Susan and Steve Jennings back. October seems to be a very busy time of the year and we do
appreciate all those who made the effort to attend this camp out.
Mary Langston let Paula Hogg know that Mitch Howell is not doing well and Ruth Howell is scheduled for
surgery on 11/10. Prayers for the Howell family were given. It was brought to my attention after our business
meeting, that we always ask for those who are ill and we name them in our prayers but we should always
request prayers for all our members as every member in our chapter need prayers for various reasons whether it
be for inspiration, illness, travels, finances, etc.
Willie & I had to leave shortly after lunch Tuesday but returned later that night. So we missed out on the
afternoon of games & our usual visiting time with other members. We were told though that HL & Mary
Langston showed up after their doctor appointment & enjoyed playing games. They are still living in their RV
while trying to sell their house.
Our new Officers for 2022 are; Curtis Coombs, President; Paula Hogg, Vice President; Susie Chiles, Secretary
& Paula Hogg, Assistant Secretary; Shirley Hamilton, Treasurer & Mary Langston, Assistant Treasurer; Ray
Hamilton, Wagon Master & Kenneth Hogg Assistant Wagon Master; Curtis Coombs, Chaplain and Judy
Coombs, Song Leader. As you can see some are having to accept 2 positions! Historian & Webmaster are not
positions we have to vote on so unless Mary Langston, our present Historian or Paula Hogg, our present
Webmaster resign, their positions remain for 2022. I would like to ask that you keep these officers in your
prayers as we try to continue this chapter under these very different & stressful times we are having.
Ray Hamilton, our Wagon Master has made arrangements for our November Camp Out to be held at Salmon
Lake in Grapeland, Texas on November 29 – December 1. Hope to see you all there & as always for our
November Camp Out, bring your Christmas cards because this is the last Camp Out for 2021!
**** Have You Paid Your $15.00 Annual Dues****
Dues are due by November 15th
and for a little clarification, we voted a few years ago that as long as yearly
dues are paid you will remain members of this chapter.
Susie Chiles
Susie’s Sillies
A few senior texting codes: ATD – At the Doctor’s FWIW – Forgot Where I Was
BFF – Best Friend’s Funeral GHA – Got Heartburn Again
BYOT – Bring Your Own Teeth HGBM – Had Good Bowel Movemen