November Newsletter 2021


November 2021

Nov. 29-Dec. 1 Camp Out Newslette         Our monthly camp out for November was held at Salmon Lake RV Park in Grapeland, Texas. We had 5 member rigs and 1 guest rig present. Glenn & Jonna Jeter were our camping guestsand on Monday, guests, Lester & Judy Thornton showed up for a short day visit.  We also had our newest members, Steve & Susan Jennings, present for their first camp out as members.So excited to have them join our chapter!                       

Ben & Angela Starr attended on Tuesday for the day but weren’t able t  H.L. & Mary Langston attended on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mary is our assistant treasurer and was able to fill in for Shirley Hamilton, our treasurer, who couldn’t attend this camp out due to it conflicting with the Hamilton’s working theFood Bank for their Church.  Kenneth Hogg is our assistant wagon master and was able to fill in for Ray Hamilton, our wagon master.   

                                                Prayer  requests were: Ruth Howell has not recovered from her recent surgery as well as hadhoped. Mitch Howell was reported as still being very weak. Linda Moser requested prayers forher granddaughter, Kathy and husband, Johnson with their adoption issues. SusanJennings’brother, Bill Evans remains in the hospital from heart issues and COVID.                                                                                                                                         

We had 2 tables of 4, playing “Hand & Foot” games and of course a table playing “80”. OnTuesday we had our usual “pot luck” lunch, however, that has evolved into an everyday eating &snacking while fellowshipping and playing games!                                                                                                                                           

Salmon Lake has so many interesting antique buildings, vehicles and pleasant places to take aleisurely walk and for walking the dogs. They have completed renovations on several buildingsbut still have some issues with electrical hookups.This is one of the few RV parks that do notrequire 10 rigs to use their community buildings. Our wagon masters have a hard time locatingRV parks that allow us to use their community buildings for our meetings and social gatheringsfor a reasonable price.                                                                                           

We do not have another camp out until February but will have our annual luncheon on January

Susie Chiles

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