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                                    DOGWOOD SAMS CHAPTER NEWSLETTER


                                                                        May 2019


May 27-29 Camp Out News


Our monthly camp out was held in Grand Saline, Texas at the Bedrock Event Center.  We had 13 rigs attending and were so excited to have Margaret & James Taylor show up on Tuesday for a meal and some games. We had two tables of Hand & Foot, a table of 80, a table of 42 and one of Rummikub.  Our Chapter really enjoys playing games and of course, snacking during breaks!


Good to have Brenda & Jerry Scott  in attendance, although after sitting all day playing Hand & Foot on Monday & Tuesday, Brenda was unable to join us on Wednesday. Might have overdone it after missing so many months of game playing.  Mary & H.L. Langston were unable to attend due to having company. We were informed Ruth & Mitch Howell’s air conditioner was out on their rig so they were unable to attend but her ankle has improved. Joann & Herb Richardson and Sandra & James Ledford were unable to attend.


Wednesday morning before our short Devotional Service, Nell & Tom Bills pulled out due to bad weather headed our way.  Paula & Kenneth Hogg also left as Kenneth was not feeling well.  Brenda & Jerry Scott left shortly after our business meeting.  Judy & Curtis Coombs left after lunch since he holds Bible Study on Wednesday evening. We went to Parades Family Restaurant in Mineola for lunch.  Shirley Hamilton had to leave after lunch for her daughter’s Egg Show in Dallas. Around 3 pm we were alerted by our phones & the TV that we were under a Tornado Watch. A tornado had been spotted near Canton & was headed our way.  The rain began coming down heavy and then we had hail larger than marbles and popping around on the grass, looked like popcorn popping. Renee & Tony Miller (the owners) came and checked on us, letting us know we could go to their storm shelters if we wanted. Guess we all felt safe enough in the Event Center (or we just didn’t want to get wet) cause we stayed put.  A few of us did retreat to the hallway or shower room when it got really bad.  A tornado was spotted in Grand Saline but not sure if it touched down.  We did learn later, of course, that a tornado hit Canton on Wednesday and another on Thursday  after we left.




We voted to eliminate the July & August camp outs this year.  Looking forward to seeing all our members show up for the June camp out at the Antique Capital RV Park in Gladewater, Texas on June 24-27. That will be the last meeting before the Mini Rally in Canton, September 18-22.


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