April 2019 Newsletter



                                                                                April 2019


April 22-25 Camp Out News:


Our monthly camp out was held at Lake Athens Marina in Athens, Texas.  This was our first time to camp here as a chapter. We had 12 rigs attending and we were so pleased to have our prior member, Donna Hill visit with us on Tuesday.  At one point we had two tables of “Hand & Foot”, one table of “SkipBo” and of course, one table of “80”.


It was so good to have Ben & Angela Starr attending the camp out even though he is still having issues with his teeth and still taking therapy for his shoulder. Of the 31 days in March, he had 15 of those days either attending doctor appointments or therapy treatments.  Jerry & Brenda Scott were unable to attend as Brenda is still having therapy.  Mitch & Ruth Howell were unable to attend due to Ruth’s fall causing a broken ankle. It was a clean break so hoping it will not take as long to heal.  James & Margaret Taylor are still dealing with therapy for James and, he is still unable to drive. Their rental house in Franklin was hit by a tornado. Dewey & Ruth Ashworth were on vacation.  Tom & Nell Bills were unable to attend as Nell had cataract surgery.  James & Sandra Ledford were unable to attend due to James having a spell.  Don Stokes really appreciated our card and stated “he needed that”.  Dennis Moser lead us in prayer for all our members still having issues and illnesses.


We enjoyed our time at Lake Athens Marina and will come back in the future.  Rather than having one large room, there were two smaller rooms and a separate kitchen area.  We managed to have a good time and of course, eat well!  There were several good walking areas, places for throwing horse shoes, a large fire ring for telling “tall tales” and a large deck to sit and enjoy the scenery and water. There is a nice restaurant on the premises which several members had eaten there in the past. A few members looked over the menus H. L. provided and it was decided we would go to Cotton Patch for lunch.  We arrived around 11:30 and we were all seated at one long table, as the noon crowd had not yet arrived. We had an excellent waitress attending our every need.  The Cotton Patch restaurant had a new manager and he came over to our table to greet us and make sure we were satisfied with our service and food.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience.  Our next camp out will be May 27-29 at Bedrock in Grand Saline, Texas.  Looking forward to seeing as many members as possible for good fellowship, competitive games and as always great eating!


Susie Chiles


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