March Newsletter

March 2022
Our March camp out was held at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, Texas on March 28 – 30, 2022.
There were 6 member rigs present with our visitors, Lester & Judy Thornton ‘s rig making a
total of 7! So happy to have them attend our campouts.
The Hamiltons were unable to attend since Shirley continues to have health issues. She had an
appointment with her heart dr. and was scheduled to have an Echo test. Dr. feels Derryl Clark is
having fluid on his heart again and Wilma Clark developed an infection from gallbladder surgery.
Paula Hogg’s brother was still having issues which were keeping him in rehab longer. The
Starr’s camper was still being repaired. Wanda Underwood was having difficulties with her
vision and had an eye doctor appointment. These were the requests for prayer. As mentioned
earlier at our camp outs, ALL our members are in need of prayers as each family deals with
their own special issues.
We had a great time enjoying our games, good fellowship and of course all the food we
consumed! So sorry some members have been dealing with so much anxieties/issues and
unable to attend, we MISS each and everyone of you. The camp out for May has been moved
from Corsicana to Camp Tonkawa near Nacogdoches for May 23-25. Hope to see as many as
possible there, we need at least 7 rigs to use their building!!
There were 5 rigs representing us at the State Rally in Canton this past week. A Special
“thanks” to our newest members, Steve & Susan Jennings, Glen & Jonna Jeter and our
prospective members, Lester & Judy Thornton for attending & helping to make this a fun time!
They participated in competitions & won several awards!! It was nice to finally meet our new
ASD, Donna Mann. And by the way, the Mini Rally is back on for September and will be held in
Mineola instead of Canton. A BIG disappointment: our pint of Blue Bell ice cream they
provided Saturday afternoon had melted, but, like the true Blue Bell lovers we are, we drank it
like a milkshake! One evening we got really carried away with Neil Sedaka’s song, “Sweet
Caroline”! Then Susan persuaded Lester to do some line dancing, they were quite good. Glen
& Jonna carried our chapter banner for the flag & banners ceremony. Our present State
Director has stepped down and the new one is Chuck Hayes beginning Jan 1, 2023. There were
only 97 rigs attending and several other states were present. Many traveled on to the Arkansas
Rally beginning this week. On a sad note, the State of Texas Good Sams lost 81 members
since 2019, with one chapter losing 10 members! A memorial service was presented by Jay
Delmar, State Chaplain and Paula Hogg, our Vice President, lit candles for each of our
deceased Dogwood Sams members. If you have never attended a Rally, you should try it, I
think you will enjoy meeting new friends, competing in games and learning what other chapters
are doing, besides, having a great time