March 2019 Newsletter


March 2019 March 25-28 Campout News:Good Sam

Our monthly campout was held at Bedrock in Grand Saline, Texas. We had 12 rigs present and so happy to see these members attending as so many of our members are dealing with illnesses and other issues. Even though so many were out, we had 3 tables of “Hand & Foot” and two tables of “80”.

We were so pleased to have Shirley Coon’s granddaughter, Regina White visit us on Tuesday. She is a missionary and will be in the states until May. Also we were surprised to have Brenda & Jerry Scott and Angela & Ben Starr show up for a nice visit and a little game playing. So wonderful that Brenda and Ben were feeling better and up to the visit. Margaret had reported that James Taylor was able to attend Church on Sunday and was able to swallow a little better now. He even called Mary and she said he sounded good and was able to eat but would still be undergoing therapy. Paula talked to Ruth Ashworth and Dewey had been hospitalized with AFID but was being released. Joann said Herb Richardson had a viral infection and was still feeling very weak. We had prayer for all our ill members and need to continue our prayers in the coming weeks for those dealing with different issues and illnesses.

Of course it is always nice for Renee & Tony Miller, the owners, to drop in for a visit, play games and eat with us. Wednesday night Renee brought corn dogs from Sonic for everyone (like we were hungry) and we woofed ‘em down! Their event center is so nice and well stocked in the kitchen. Can’t think of anything they don’t have to make a stay there any more comfortable. The city and county could sure do a better job of maintaining the road. We were encouraged to write letters to the commissioner and city hall to see if our input would help, since Tony hasn’t been able to get any help.

As always we had too much food. It is hard to judge how much we should bring to eat & evidently everyone’s thoughts are “better to have too much than not enough”. Curtis Coombs came up with a thought, need to change our chapter name to “Get Fat Chapter”! So, what do we do? We went to eat in Minneola at Paredes Family Restaurant on Wednesday, buffet of course. Wagon Master H.L. informed us that our April Campout will be at Lake Athens Marina on April 22-24. This is a new campground for us so we are excited and anxious to find out if it will work for our group. Hope to see you all there with bright smiling faces and good appetites!

Paula & Kenneth Hogg and Susie Chiles & Willie Holcombe were going on to the 2019 Texas Good Sam State Rally in Waco.

Susie Chiles

Susie’s Sillies

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Good Sam