Dogwood Sams Annual January Eat Out



January 24, 2022

Dogwood Sams Members

We had a wonderful time at our Annual Luncheon on January 24, 2022 at the Golden Corral in Tyler,Texas.  We had several visitors attending the luncheon and were so excited to have Bill & Betty Finch, Glen & Jonna Jeter, Lester & Judy Thornton and Darrell & Wanda Underwood’s daughter, Tammy. It is really nice to have this many visitors at one time and we do hope all our visitors will join us again, any time they can!  

We sang Happy Anniversary to Darrell & Wanda Underwood and sang Happy Birthday to Wanda Underwood and myself.  Betty Finch led us in a song, discussed her fond memories of being a DWS member and enlightened us on her & Bill’s home life at The Hamptons. Upon request, she did her imitation of Katharine Hepburn. We were informed that Ray & Shirley Hamilton would not be attending the luncheon as Shirley has Covid again.  It was brought to our attention that Derrell & Wanda Clark have also been battling Covid.  H.L. Langston attended but Mary was unable to attend as she still has a bad cough. Curtis Coombs led us in prayer for our ill and all our members.

We passed out the 2022 Membership Roster & Contact Information list and so far, there is an error I need to let you know about.  Under the Honorary Members on the 2nd page, Donna Hill’s number is wrong! Please correct your copy: (if you didn’t receive one, I will bring extras to our February camp out) cell # 352-549-1979, home # 352-509-7123.  Any other corrections, please let me know.

The committee for recommendations on revising our By Laws/SOP met in the home of Curtis & Judy Coombs right after the luncheon. In attendance were Paula Hogg, Curtis Coombs & myself.  We feel it was productive and we will present our recommendations at the February camp out (Feb.28-March 2).  Before any changes are made, the membership will have to vote on them before we send the changes to state for approval. Therefore, it is VERY IMPORTANT you at least, attend the BUSINESS MEETING of our February Camp Out at Stay A While RV Park in Murchison, Texas on March 2, 2022 !!!


Susie Chiles