June 2022 Newsletter


July 3, 2022

Our monthly camp out for June was held at Stay A While RV Park in Murchison, Texas on June 27-29, 2022.  We had six (6) rigs present.  Our rates had gone up but our Wagon Master, Ray Hamilton, argued the point and we have been told our rates will remain $40.50 per night. They are attempting to bring the park up to date with the electricity and water situation.  So nice to have Ruth Howell for the business meeting, luncheon and of course playing hand & foot.  She can still teach us newbies a thing or two!  Oh, speaking of newbies, Susan Jennings has a new name, “Dirty Susan”, she loves to “dirty” a book!

I apologize for not getting a newsletter out regarding our May camp out.  I was unable to attend that camp out and just totally forgot that duty.  The month of June has been a very busy one for me & the assistant secretary, Paula Hogg.  Our guys planted a garden that produced a large bounty & it kept us busy canning & freezing vegetables every day! We think we have enough for a couple years at least!!

Didn’ have a great start for this camp out, while attempting to go inside community building for the first time, I tripped on the rubber mat (had a ripple on the side) and fell on my left cheek and wrist.  Clumsey, yes, took 4 people to get me up & I hollered & moaned like a stuck pig! Went to ER & so thankful to the good LORD, no broken bones, no blood on brain & no lacerations. Just a whopper of a black/purple eye (instantly) and a bad sprain to the wrist (already full of arthritis)! So here I sit trying to type with one hand.

Our president, Curtis Coombs has accepted a pastorship for a church in Atlanta. He & wife, Judy were in the process of moving from Tyler to Atlanta & they had movers scheduled for Wednesday so had to leave right after our luncheon. We wish them well and we will keep them in our prayers during this transition of their lives.  They do plan on remaining as members of DWS. Since Curtis could not conduct our devotional on Wednesday, Dennis Moser stepped up & provided us with a message.  Steve Jennings recited a very adequate poem he had written.

You may already know that Mary Langston fell & ripped her foot open requiring some

30+ stitches.  Their new home had arrived before her accident but had not been set up.

She & H.L. need our thoughts & prayers during her recouperation & their move into the new home.  Derrell Clark is still having dizzy spells, prayers for him & Wilma.  Wanda Underwood is still having a hard time getting over her illness from their last cruise, please continue to pray for Wanda & Darrell as they work through this illness.

If any of you have concerns about changing our business meeting to Tuesday, please voice your opinion and give us an alternative to have more members attend the business meeting.  This may not be a permanent change, it is a trial situation. Some have voiced their concern that we may not have enough time to play games on Tuesday but this week, we had ample time, had our potluck luncheon, business meeting and were playing games by 1:10. Ended up being a long day of hand & foot.

Don’t forget our Mini Rally in Mineola, September 14-17, 2022.  If they receive at least 50 registrations by the end of this month, if not it will be canceled. Hope to have a good turnout as our chapter is responsible for the games. We do not have another camp out scheduled until October which will be back at Stay A While.  Have a safe and happy summer!

Susie Chiles