Dogwood Sam Officers

2023 Officers

Officers for 2023 (Left to Right): Willie Holcombe, Wagonmaster; Susie Chiles, Secretary; Judy Coombs, Song Leader; Curtis Coombs, Chaplain; Lester Thornton, President; Judy Thornton, Treasurer; Paula Hogg,  Social Networker, Asst. Webmaster & Asst. Secretary; Ray Hamilton, Asst. Wagonmaster; Shirley Hamilton, Asst. Treasurer ;Dennis Moser, Asst. Chaplain

President:  Lester Thornton
Vice President (not pictured):  Steve Jennings
Secretary:  Susie Chiles
Social Networker, Assistant Secretary, and Assistant Webmaster:  Paula Hogg
Treasurer:  Judy Thornton
Assistant Treasurer:  Shirley Hamilton
Chaplain:  Curtis Coombs
Assistant Chaplain:  Dennis Moser
Song Leader:  Judy Coombs
Wagonmaster:  Willie Holcombe
Assistant Wagonmaster:  Ray Hamilton
Webmaster (not pictured):  Susan Jennings

Previous Officers

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