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September 2021


August 23-25, 2021 Camp Out Newsletter


A camp out for August was held at Salmon Lake in Grapeland, Texas. This was the first time our chapter had been back to Salmon Lake for many years.  They have completed some rennovations and have new owners.  We were able to camp close to the Town Hall where we had our gatherings and business meeting.  It was sufficient for our group and was very relaxing and enjoyable. We also had a buffet lunch on Wednesday at the Grapeland Cafe. There were 5 member rigs & 2 visitor rigs attending this camp out.


We were so excited to welcome Steve & Susan Jennings for a 2nd visit to our chapter camp out and Glen & Johna Jeter for their first visit. On Tuesday, we had another interested visiting couple, Lester & Judy Thornton. It was so exciting to have this many visitors at one time!  H.L. & Mary Langston dropped in for a day visit making our total on Tuesday 18. And then surprise, surprise, Ruth Howell showed up after our luncheon to play a few games.  Ruth however, received a call from the rehab center where Mitch Howell has been for some time now. 

She had to leave as they were taking Mitch to the hospital.  A call from Ruth later let us know he would be going back to the rehab center.  Just received an update on Mitch’s condition, Ruth states he is some better, he goes to a kidney specialist tomorrow & is still in therapy. Ruth is on the waiting list to have the same lung procedure that Derrel Clark had recently.  Keep the Howell’s in your prayers.


We really need to continue to pray for our members who cannot make our camp outs and business meetings, due to illness or other issues.  We now have an application from the Jennings to become members of our chapter! Yeah!! But, to vote on our acceptance of new members, we must have 7 member rigs present.  The last few camp outs have only had 5 member rigs. So please if we are going to survive as a chapter, (chapter since 1979 – 42 years) plan to attend our September camp out.  We need to vote on Steve & Susan Jennings’ application for membership.  And, we have several other things that need to be discussed and voted on but without 7 rigs present we remain status quo!




Important camp out – September 27-29, 2021 @ Stay A While RV Camp in Murchison, Texas


 Please make plans to be there!


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