June Newsletter


June 24-26 Camp Out News

 Our monthly camp out was held in Gladewater, Texas at the Antique Capital RV Park.  We had 10 rigs attending on Monday but later that night Paula Hogg learned that her sister, Charline, had slipped into a coma and she & Kenneth left early Tuesday morning.  She was able to be with her sister before she passed and they planned a memorial for her on Saturday.  Our hearts go out to Paula and her family during this loss.

had 5 rigs arriving on Sunday and they would not charge us for the building this time.  This is something we are going to have to discuss & decide how to handle the extra charge when we do not have enough rigs.  To not incur a charge for the use of the recreation buildings,  parks require 10 rigs to stay 3 nights.  Lately, we have been cutting it close and if our members attendance continues to drop we will have to vote on a method for paying the additional cost.

H.L. Langston reported that he had talked with James Taylor and he is still improving but cannot drive. Nell Bills was to have stress test as she had not been feeling well, Dewey & Ruth Ashworth had Dr. appointments scheduled, Mitch & Ruth Howell’s a/c in their rig was still not working, James & Sandra Ledford had a visitor from out of town, Jerry & Brenda Scott had an appointment with insurance appraiser due to damage from a storm and Darrell & Wanda Underwood were on vacation. Curtis & Judy Combs were involved in Vacation Bible School but were able to come on Wednesday for our devotional and business meeting.

We discussed the Mini Rally in Canton scheduled for September 18-22 since we will not be meeting in July or August.  Shirley Hamilton had volunteered to put on a skit but later learned  they would be on vacation and might not return soon enough.  Paula Hogg, Judy Coombs & Susie Chiles will perform the skit Shirley had prepared.  We need as many members as possible to come and support the three of us! The skit will be performed on Saturday, September 21st between 2 & 3:30 pm during the variety show. Our chapter will be in charge of the Dessert Walk and Judy Combs & Susie Chiles volunteered to bake something for that event. We asked for a show of hands how many were planing to attend, there were 5 couples planning to attend at this time.  The theme is “Beach Party”. A “Gilligan’s Island /Castaway” theme will be held to collect food for the food pantry so everyone is encouraged to bring lots of canned and packaged food to have your friends hauled to and stranded on the island and of course, to get yourself rescued. Each rig is to bring one dozen cookies, nuts or crackers and a $15.00 item for the brown bag auction. Any other information you need can be found on the Texas Good  Sam website.

On Monday, we snacked, visited and played games. Tuesday we had a pot luck lunch then more games and more snacking in the afternoon. On Wednesday, we had our devotional with the amazing voice of Kenneth Richey leading us in songs, the talented, Judy Combs accompanying him on the  piano and an inspirational message from our chaplain, Curtis Combs. We then proceeded with our business meeting and adjourned for lunch. The restaurant we normally attend while camping in Gladewater had closed so we chose to eat our leftovers.


Susie Chiles


Susie’s Sillies

  When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

If the rodeo doesn’t kill you, the commute probably will.

 When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.